May 23, 2024

How do you face failure?

When it comes to failure, many people think it is negative. But Napoleon Hill gave “failure” a new meaning. He said: “We must understand the difference between’failure’ and’temporary setback’, because those are often regarded as’failures’ by us. The thing is actually just a’temporary setback.’ And this temporary setback is actually a kind of happiness, because it will prevent us from developing in the wrong direction, so that we can choose a new direction of effort. It makes us move in a different but better direction.”

All successful people believe that “failure” is nature’s plan. It uses these “failures” to test mankind so that they can be fully prepared for their work. “Failure” is nature’s strict test of mankind. It burns the residue in people’s hearts and makes the “metal” of mankind pure and hard.

After the baptism of nature, success always belongs to those who are strong-willed, who are prepared for hardships, and are extremely tenacious! People can’t help but lament quietly: there are so few successful people while worshipping the halo on the heads of successful people. When can the gods of success take special care of themselves? In this way, in the negative attitude of self-esteem, they have already missed the chance to succeed again and again.

In the face of failure, there are at least three kinds of people:

A kind of person has suffered the blow of failure, and since then he has been devastated, and has become a person who was defeated by the failure at one time.

A kind of person, who has suffered the blow of failure, does not know how to reflect on oneself, sum up experience, and move forward courageously with only one’s enthusiasm. Such people often get twice the result with half the effort, and even if they succeed, they are usually short-lived.

The other kind of people, who have suffered the blow of failure, can quickly assess the situation, adjust themselves, attack again when the opportunity and strength are combined, and make a comeback. Success often comes to them.

The reason why we do this analysis is not to lament that success is not easy, but to discover the secret of avoiding failure. We study failure in order to better study success, and beyond failure will inevitably lead to the other side of success. Only by daring to face failure and facing failure correctly can we surpass failure and move towards success.

People often say: “Failure is the mother of success.” When we were young, our parents or kindergarten aunts also told us. And also cited many great scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and politicians to prove their success after countless failures. Thus, the seed of “failure is not terrible” took root in our young hearts, and sprouted with the precipitation and nourishment of the years. In middle school, the teacher told us: “Failure is the stepping stone to success.” So we have such a subconscious invisibly: failure is a precursor to success, and only after experiencing failure can we succeed. So instead of failing to be a frustrating thing, it’s gratifying. So we are not afraid of failure. After we fall, we get up and then bravely forge ahead, but the result is a tragic and vigorous battle, repeated defeats, repeated defeats, and repeated defeats…

Why is this? Is God unfair to us, or is we destined to not succeed?

In fact, it is not. Repeated battles and failures are just that we have subtly formed a psychological misunderstanding on the issue of failure and success, and there is a psychological problem. We have distorted the mother-child relationship between failure and success; we believe that “failure” will inevitably lead to “success”, instead of thinking deeply about the potential meaning of “failure” in this sentence.

Failure is the mother of success, but failure is not necessarily the mother of success. There is no necessary mother-child relationship between the two. If after failure, you have an indifferent attitude, “shaking your head, forgetting the past, and starting all over again”, then failure may just be the stepmother of success.

In fact, you just have to look back and think about it. Although the reasons for failure of many losers are different in specific circumstances, they are essentially the same. The main reason is that I did not carefully analyze the reasons for my failure and failed to learn valuable lessons from it.

In addition to the subjective reason why many people fail and fail repeatedly, there is also an objective reason, that is, failures and setbacks usually speak to people in the form of “dumb”. If you don’t take it seriously and ponder it, you won’t understand it. Similarly, “failure is the mother of success” also uses this “dumb language” to tell people its true meaning. All people who have experienced failures and setbacks and finally succeeded have used their hearts to read the meaning of this dumb language from failure, and their failure led them to success.

A truly strong man, he will give himself such a task: overcome failure, exercise his will to be stronger, and make himself more mature.

Therefore, you don’t need to be afraid of failure. If your life is a “knife” that cuts through thorns, then failure is an indispensable “stone”. In order to make the “knife” of life sharper, face the grind of failure bravely!

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