June 24, 2024

If you cry, please cry bitterly !

One day, I went to a private middle school to visit a child from a relative’s house. It was during class time. I walked in the corridor of the teaching building. Every class was in class. Suddenly, a loud cry came, and I was shocked, so I heard the sound, and I looked inside at the door of a classroom. A girl was crying at the desk, crying loudly. The classmates did not laugh or riot. The teacher also stood quietly in front, without scolding or comforting.

The neighboring classes are also in order, without probes or whispering, as if the crying was directly filtered by the air. It was strange, so I stopped to watch the developments. After a few minutes, the girl stopped crying, so she started class again, as if nothing had happened. I finally waited until the end of get out of class and saw the relatives’ children. Without saying a few words, I asked about what happened just now. She didn’t seem to feel strange at all, and said: “In our school, this is a very common thing!”

I thought the teaching here is stricter, or the teachers are more demanding, but she told me: “Our school is indeed stricter, and the learning atmosphere is very tense. Every student will be wronged or criticized by the teacher, and some girls face. If you are young, or if you can’t control it, you will wipe your tears. However, the school has regulations that if you cry, you must cry loudly and cry out so that we are not depressed. But after crying, we must return to normal. Learning status! So when someone cries, no one laughs strangely!”

I was very moved for a while, and I suddenly had a good impression of the management of this school. This is undoubtedly a very clever approach, revealing a kind of wisdom, and to the greatest extent, it also has a positive meaning in life.

It suddenly occurred to me that one night when I was in college, I went to the water room to fetch water. On the way back, I saw a girl standing by the basketball court, crying dimly, ignoring the eyes of passersby. Later, I heard from other classmates that this girl is a graduate and just broke up with her boyfriend. When graduating every year, many campus lovers become strangers, and many girls hide in their dormitories secretly drinking and crying. Now that I think about it, that girl is really brave and smart, crying happily, clearing up her mood, and setting foot on another stranger.

I remember reading a post written by a man on the Internet. He said that one day at dusk, he ran to the suburbs and cried fiercely. It was not that he encountered any setbacks in his work, nor was he suffered any blows in his life, but that he felt that in life day after day, he suddenly felt extremely dull, and the things in his heart burst out at that moment, and became full. Tears were surging. He said that he would never forget that day. After crying, on the way back, his footsteps were extremely brisk, as if a heavy burden was lifted off, and life was heavy and fresh and full of fun in his eyes.

There will always be setbacks and failures in life, and there will always be some grievances and pains, which test a person’s strength and the hardness of a heart. Maybe behind those smiles, in those empty nights, the pillows were wet with tears. In this way, we have cocoons on top of each other in our hearts, making our hearts heavier and heavier. And those silent crying, those silent choking, have deepened the sorrow and the vicissitudes of life.

If you cry, cry bitterly.

Let tears flow into a river, and nourish the scenery on both sides of life. Maybe after crying, the world in my eyes will be clearer, and the emotions in my heart will be clearer. The cocoon on the heart peels off like a flower, re-feeling the long-lost heartbeat of loving life. From now on, no longer suppress my own heart, no longer take into account the eyes of others, and dissipate all the unsatisfactory with the cries, and run away with the tears. Looking up, there is still a beautiful sun.

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