How to Make a Bird Face Mask
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How to Make a Bird Face Mask

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Kelly Sundstrom
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Bird face masks are fun to make for Halloween, Easter, class plays or any other time. Though there are many breeds of birds---bluebirds, cardinals, canaries or parrots, for example---children's creativity may spawn something totally unique. Making a bird face mask can be accomplished by children of all ages, and it's a fun project for a rainy day. Here is how to create a bird face mask.

Things You'll Need

For each child, you will need:

Colorful feathers

1 blank face mask

Craft glue

1 sheet of construction paper

Bird identification book


Step 1

Decide on what type of bird to make. Look at a bird identification book for ideas and to help select feather colors. Some children may want to create their own unique bird. Pick out the feathers you would like to have on your mask and set them next to you.

Step 2

Glue the feathers onto your blank mask. You can find blank face masks at most craft stores. They usually come in a single color and already have elastic secured to the back. Drizzle a small amount of craft glue onto the mask and adhere one feather to the center. Continue to glue feathers on, one by one, working from the inside to the outside of the mask. Use just a few dabs of glue for each feather. Too much glue will dampen the feathers, causing them to lose their fluffiness.

Step 3

Attach the beak. Cut a triangle shape out a piece of construction paper. Arch the triangle so that it makes a curved shape, and glue the flat side of the triangle underneath the nose of the mask. Younger children may need help attaching the beak. Hold the curved triangle piece to the mask until you can feel it is secure. Lay the mask onto a flat surface, and let it dry completely before wearing it.

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