Why are all the sudden death programmers, but basically no sudden death of the product manager?
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Why are all the sudden death programmers, but basically no sudden death of the product manager?

knowledge is as follows

It is understood that the probability of a programmer's sudden death is really greater than that of a product manager, which is not an illusion. What causes this situation?

1. Differences between programmers and product managers when recruiting:

Java senior development engineer


Proactive, with good professionalism

With object-oriented analysis, design and development capabilities, proficient in OO, AOP, design mode

Have deep professional technical foundation, proficient in Java EE related technology, familiar with open source frameworks such as Spring, iBatis, SpringMVC, Struts

Familiar with the use of Linux operating system and common liunx operation commands

Familiar with the development and design of MySQL, MongoDB and other databases, as well as the design and development of the cache system Redis or Memcached

Master JVM performance tuning, understand common JVM garbage collection algorithms, Java concurrency framework and libraries, understand Java memory model

Familiar with Nginx principle, configuration and module installation, have certain understanding and installation ability to common WEB servers (Tomcat, Weblogic)

Familiar with various web front-end technologies (XHTML / XML / CSS / JavaScript / Ajax, etc.), familiar with at least one JavaScript library (such as: NodeJs / JQuery / AngularJS / backbone, etc.), CSS framework (such as: Bootstrap), familiar with at least one Automatic build tool

Possess good demand analysis ability, business and technical plan planning and design ability; clear thinking, good language expression ability

Have good teamwork ability and team spirit


Product manager job requirements:

More than 3 years of experience in retail, operations, supply chain, inventory management related products or business, JDA / Llamasoft / SAS / Oracle and other supply chain management or business intelligence software companies related solutions and product experience are preferred;

Have the ability to sort out complex business scenarios and the ability and experience to summarize requirements;

Strong thinking ability, systematic problem analysis ability and problem solving ability, able to quickly advance and accurately find problem breakthroughs under high pressure;

Strong execution ability, timely response to product needs and problems, and promote effective implementation of the project;

Good at inter-departmental and cross-regional communication, able to handle multi-task work, and able to accept pressure from challenges.

The above is the recruitment requirements that I casually found in the batj family on BOSS. In fact, the salaries of these two positions are similar.

The requirements of the above two positions are clear at a glance, and programmers need a lot of professional knowledge. Although many people say that interviewing builds rockets and works to screw screws, it also shows from the side that the majority of technical personnel must not only complete business development in the work, but also Keep learning new technical knowledge, so that you can talk in the next job interview.

The job requirements of product managers are relatively broad in comparison, and I can't find any professional knowledge. As a layman, I can't help but wonder what the professional direction of the majority of product managers is. In this way, "Everyone is a product manager" is ridiculed by everyone as everyone can be a product manager is not unreasonable.

As a curiosity, I specifically searched the product manager's capability structure diagram. As for the satisfaction of the product managers around you, you can go to work and talk to the product manager privately.

2. The difference between programmers and product managers:

If you are interested, you can see the renderings of the top four APPs of the world's mainstream e-commerce. Are you already dazzled?

I believe that everyone feels like they do n’t know who copied who, or a product manager jumped into four companies. Without saying a name, I don't know which app is which page.

Because I am also an e-commerce app, the homepage is a must-have for the military, and the traffic is large and the land is huge. Looking at the Amazon homepage last week, the Amazon app has placed the category on the left side of the search, which is equivalent to each first-level category corresponding to a homepage. The same area displays more than ten times the content. At the time, I jokingly said that it will not be long before I believe that every e-commerce APP will do the same. When I look at it today, in addition to some e-commerce giants in China, many companies have already achieved this. Here I wish these product managers, come on. I have to say that the product manager of the head company is still really strong, but how do most product managers write the prd, open a certain competing product, and copy it violently? There is no mention of abnormal processes.

The product demand only needs one sentence, which is consistent with the effect of XYZ APP. R & D requires a strong logical ability. Sometimes the product is only a general product plan, and the specific details need to be developed by yourself to scrutinize, or to give clear logic to the product scrutiny. You discussed the product requirements with the product for a day. The requirements are clear. The product can be off work, but the code is not written in one line yet?

For development, although it is similar, because the companies keep the source code secret, the logic of the code on the top four homepages is basically different. There are hundreds of people and more than a dozen teams on the Amazon Android client for mobile phones. Their technology needless to say, in the glory of the king, it is a group of kings in the ranking.

Most small companies, there may be individual kings, most of them are bronze, so there is a king with four bronzes, and it is abused by opponents. But the boss ’s request will not be lowered because of your level. The most heard sentence is that everyone else has made it. How can you not do it?

The only thing that can be done is to use the accumulation of time to offset the technical gap. The research day and night is only to meet the functional requirements of the product "copy". When you make it, the design plan of the big factory has been quietly changed again. The sharp-sense product is taken out and the product is said to the technology, "We also want to do this", and then write a new prd to engage in the review. Leave after work.

The dull R & D, because it is not clear about the product development direction and its own technical defects, the scalability of the code is not fully considered, and a small change needs to be revisited. How can it be done without working overtime?

Studies have shown that staying up late for long periods of time and sleeping for less than 7 hours can harm the body's immune system? , The risk of catching a cold will increase by three times compared with people who sleep normally. At the same time, staying up late is not good for the heart. Staying up for a long time will cause the rhythm of the heart to be beaten. Sleeping less than 6 hours per night will increase the risk of heart disease and stroke by 48% and 15%, respectively.

3. The difference between programmer and product manager pressure:

The biggest difference between development and product is the difference in thinking. What the development does is like a drill. It needs to continue to drill deeper into the technical difficulties. Thinking is deeper, but the things that are done are more passive reception. The products do more to make the function accepted by more people, the thinking activity is to develop to a plane, and the things to do are more dependent on subjective initiative.

After the function development is completed, you need to worry about online accidents, you need to troubleshoot online problems, and you need to worry about your professional development after the age of 35. Most R & D personnel are not good at communication, and they are not good at telling their own ideas at work.

The biggest pressure of a product manager (not a PRD writer) is how to build influence among the boss and the team, create a suitable product environment for yourself, promote and implement your product concept, and truly implement it into the product itself Obtain the user's recognition, the company's return. As for revenue or the number of customers, more operations need to be considered.

Based on the above points, programmers have a higher probability of sudden death than product managers, and it is easy to understand.

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