Is Trump really not as smart as everyone thinks?
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Is Trump really not as smart as everyone thinks?

knowledge is as follows

In most other countries, he is a spoiler, a liar, a rebellious person, a person who is simply not eligible to become the president of the United States,

Four years ago, the American elite thought the same way.

In fact, almost all the mainstream media in the United States and 65 million Americans who voted for Hillary thought the same way.

——But they all lost in the end.

In fact, Trump is an extremely powerful opponent: he is the head of the global media traffic platform celebrity. He was a regular guest of the famous American talk show 20 years ago; he actually has a very high level of persuasion skills, He gradually won the party ’s nomination for the camp and unexpectedly turned over Grandma Hillary-this is a woman who has lived in the White House for eight years; he used his own voice to suppress in a society known as "press freedom" Almost all the mainstream media voices; he almost declared war on many people in almost everything, and most of the time he won what he wanted. —To be honest, if you have the opportunity to face-to-face debate with Trump, you may wish you did not have this opportunity.

I have always strongly wanted to recommend everyone to read a book. After reading this book, I felt that any opponents in the position of public opinion and Trump should be careful. However, I have been waiting for two and a half years, and the Chinese version of this book is still not available. Now that we have become his opponent, I ca n’t wait for the Chinese version of this book to be released. I decided to introduce it to everyone immediately. I believe that even if you finish reading this book today, you will be amazed by the saying, Hate less ". The name of this book is Win Bigly ("Big Win"):


and its title is very interesting. It is called "How to convince others in a world where facts are irrelevant." You see its cover in English. Trump's cartoons:

——Yes, the theme of this book is to tell us: the debating skills used by Trump, the top Internet celebrity in the Internet world, on the way to becoming US president We thought that the persuasion technique was the university debate team. The arguments were sufficient, the logic was rigorous, rational and well-organized, and everything was perfectly aligned. But that was PG13's debate performance. In the real world of adults, public opinion is full of battles. In fact, Trump has never been based on facts. In a real public opinion environment, he tends to say that something is correct in the general direction, but the words are exaggerated, and even the obvious facts are wrong, waiting for others to criticize. When many people criticize Trump, he won the opportunity to pay attention, and then Taking advantage of this attention, he will not have an in-depth discussion with you on the original question, but will immediately say the next point he wants to convey. Trump ’s strategy is: even if you point out my mistakes, I do n’t care, because I have a brand new mistake. If you want to pick a mistake, then you should chase my ass and pick it anyway. The closer I get, the more attention I have. Think about the road of his campaign: he said that Mexicans are a hidden danger in the United States, he said that the Chinese took away the work of Americans, he said that taxation of overseas American companies will help save the United States, he said Hillary There are countless conspiracies behind him-is he right? Today, he directly used the word Chinesevirus, the original formula, or the original taste. Do we still have to chase the ass and put the facts, is it reasonable? Hillary has lost, what about us? I see that the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has directly detained the shit pot. Although this trick is not very delicate, it is definitely a strategic improvement. It ’s not right or not. After a while, you will definitely forget who said something, but the avatar of the speaker occupies the interface of your mobile phone. This is the first step of the public offensive. If you always respond to the opponent's point of view, you will always fight away; if you can't let the people pay attention to you, how can you let the people stand behind you? Humans are emotional animals, and only calm minds can observe the facts, while the true God of War can circumvent your rational area and fight directly during the quarrel, and the most inspiring human emotion is the picture:

Trump's words and sentences are all cool words. After you listen to it, a picture will appear in your mind instantly. This picture is engraved in the depth of your mind like a stamp of thought, reaching the emotional center. For example, when he won the primaries in the party on the basis of opposing illegal immigration, his strategy was to say that he wanted to build a "wall" on the US-Mexico border. He did not say that I would "tighten the immigration policy." A very visual symbol: the wall. One example that impressed me the most is: In August 2015, the Pope publicly criticized the capitalist system. A CNN reporter asked Trump how he commented on it. This is a forced digging issue, because if he agrees with the pope, Then the headlines of major newspapers in the United States tomorrow will be "Presidential candidate Trump publicly criticizes the capitalist system"; if he opposes the pope, why do you make the Republican Party have so many religious voters? If you are Trump, what should you do? Trump's answer at the time was: I will tell the pope that what you said is useless, because now ISIS is about to hit the Vatican, and then they will cut off your head and put people in cages and throw water Drowned here, no system can save you by then, and now the United States is clearly fighting ISIS, and I want to make the United States greater. ——You see, is this a genius, even as his opponent you have to sincerely sigh. This is where his skill lies: you talk to him about the capitalist system, he responds to a picture of a pope beheading you; you talk to him about immigration, he says I want to build a wall-he is occupying your visual system all the time . And the visual system can bypass people's rational thinking and lead you directly. What do we plan to do with such an opponent? Another Trump tactic of public opinion is to nickname all competitors unscrupulously: he calls Jeb Bush "low energy Bush" and tags people with "this man is not good" ; His nickname for Ted Cruz is "lyin 'Ted", which makes everyone feel that this person is unreliable; he also gave Hillary the nickname "Crooked (Crooked) Hillary) "-to make everyone feel that there is a big conspiracy behind this woman; of course, when the media exposes all his bad behavior, no matter which news group he faces, he will all say" You are doing fake news. " ". ——To tell the truth, the academic achievement I want to see most in my life is to hope which social statistician will make statistics, and see which words are used by all American presidents in public speeches or media press conferences in history. I guess. Trump ’s favorite word should be fake news. The reporter asked him questions, no matter what the topic was, he said "you are doing fake news", and then began to talk about his own ideas. Now, he applies this tactic to us. His mantra is Chinesevirus. What are we going to do? We need to understand who we are fighting. Our opponent is a master of public opinion, a top-ranked PR who has been refined by real swords and guns in a war-torn environment; if he writes a public account, it will definitely be a 10W + article, and Mi Meng will bow down; if he does a talk show, the venue will be full, Luo Yonghao The macho shed tears. However, our fighting strength asks ourselves, what level is it? The reality is: our folk masters are trapped south of the Great Wall, can't get out of the barrier, the mass line can't be launched, and they cut off a big road; the officers and soldiers have not been trained for sixty years, and have been holding the "Delete Post Harmony" Sword of the Horse Fang Nanshan, can we really use the propaganda experience left in the leader's anthology during the Anti-Japanese War to play against the modern Trump? Do n’t ask him if he is not smart, the reality is that you may not beat him at all.

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