How to Glue Stainless Steel to Tile
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How to Glue Stainless Steel to Tile

Mark O'Brien
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New tile can freshen any room, but adding an accent or design to that tile can really make a room pop. Stainless steel can give your room a classic look, and attaching the stainless steel pieces is easy with J-B Weld.

Things You'll Need

A plastic plate

J-B Weld



Putty knife

Rubber gloves

Step 1

Squirt dime-size piles of epoxy from both the black and red tubes of J-B Weld onto the plastic plate..

Step 2

Stir the piles together with the tip of the toothpick.

Step 3

Scrub the tile surface with a rag to remove any dirt or debris. The tile should be clean and dry so the stainless steel will adhere to the tile.

Step 4

Use the putty knife to apply a thin (1/16 to 1/8-inch thick) coat of the epoxy mix to the back of the stainless steel. Leave a 1/4 inch of unglued area around the edges to prevent the epoxy from squeezing out when it's pressed against the tile.

Step 5

Firmly press the stainless steel piece against the tile. Wipe any drips with a damp rag. Allow it to dry for 15 hours.


Wear rubber gloves.

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