How to Make a Bird Mask Out of Cardboard
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How to Make a Bird Mask Out of Cardboard

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Sarah Freeman
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Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or making a playtime costume, you can create a bird mask for any occasion using supplies you probably already have at home. Find a piece of cardboard, such as part of a package or a cereal box, to use as the base of this creation. Add your own colors and adornments to make a bird mask that resembles a real bird or simply fits your one-of-a-kind personality.

Things You'll Need


Cutting board





Construction paper

White glue


Hole punch


Step 1

Sketch the shape of the mask base on a piece of cardboard. When put in front of the face, this shape should at least cover the wearer's forehead, as well as her cheekbones, before making a curve upward for the nose. Be sure to draw where the eye holes will go on the mask.

Step 2

Place the cardboard on a surface you don't mind slicing into, such as a cutting board. Use a razor to cut out the mask base you sketched on the material, including the outer shape as well as the eye holes. Use scissors to trim any rough edges once the design is cut out.

Step 3

Paint the cut-out mask base using acrylic or poster paints. Cover the entire surface of the mask with one color. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 4

Cut out a triangular piece of colored construction paper to begin making the beak of the bird mask. This triangle should be twice as wide as you want one side of the bird beak to be. Fold the triangle about 1/2 inch upward along its bottom edge. This will create a tab to attach the beak to the mask. Also, fold the triangle in half, moving its bottom right point over to the bottom left point to create the beak shape.

Step 5

Glue the tab of the folded beak to the mask base, near the bottom. Ensure the triangle's paper is slightly open along the middle fold to create a three-dimensional beak.

Step 6

Attach feathers around the crown of the mask base with glue. Allow the feathers to extend over the edge of the mask for a larger and more wild bird look. Cover the entire mask with feathers, if you choose. Ensure you don't cover the eyes holes.

Step 7

Make a hole on the right and left side of the mask using a hole punch. Tie a ribbon through each hole. Use this ribbon to tie the mask around the wearer's head.


If you're not confident sketching your own mask base, print a template of one from your computer to trace on the cardboard piece. Visit the Family Entertaining website (see Resources) for a template.

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