Why is the U.S. epidemic so serious?
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Why is the U.S. epidemic so serious?

knowledge is as follows

Why the number of people diagnosed in the US epidemic has skyrocketed recently, saying that Trump was also the first country to cut off China's flight, but why did he feel that the prevention and control were weak in the later period and he has been blamed.

Another question is that some people questioned that many infected people in China were not included in the official statistics, and some people said that the United States included asymptomatic statistics.

In fact, the reason is one sentence: the current US government and the media have deceived the American people. Looking at this video from YOUTUBE Heroes of The Pandumbic, at first glance I thought it was "Heroes of The Storm" at the first glance I thought it was "Heros of The Pandemic", and at last I saw "Heroes of The Pandumic + Dumb".

Let us take a look at what they said:

On March 24, Rush Limbaugh: "Coronovirus is just common cold"

March 8, Pete Hegseth: The more I know about the new coronavirus, the less afraid I am (Seriously?)

March 7, Jeanine Pirro: The new coronavirus is a virus, just like the flu.

Tomi Lahren, March 10: Compared to being infected with the new coronavirus, I am more worried about accidentally stepping on a needle used by heroin-sucking people.

On March 6, Dr. Marc Siegel: The new coronavirus is just like the flu. The worst case is really the worst case, which is the same consequence of the flu.

Geraldo Rivera, February 28: The new coronavirus is the old ordinary flu ... so far no American has died from this disease.

On March 3, Jesse Watters (just ask China to apologize to that fellow): If I had the new coronavirus pneumonia, I would definitely be able to defeat it. Do you know that no one should be afraid of the new coronavirus?

March 13, Ainsley Earhardt: Now is the safest time to fly! You can stretch your arms and legs on the plane! (Sister, you will really enjoy it)

March 15th, Rep. Devin Nunes: Now is the best time for you and your family to travel. Going to a local restaurant makes it easy to order food.

On March 10th, Vice President Pence: In our world, we should shake hands.

On February 25, Larry Kudlow: We have controlled the epidemic and everything is under control.

On February 26, US President Trump: This is flu, and it behaves like flu.

On February 27, it was Trump again: the new coronavirus would disappear, magically disappeared.

If it were not for these politicians and media people to spray irresponsibly, how could the American people be tricked so badly? Look at these people one by one, with a decent appearance, a dog-like appearance, and a strong aura, it is estimated that they have been deceived by themselves. These people with heads and faces may feel that, anyway, they have a high quality of life, and they ca n’t hurt themselves even if something goes wrong. Why bother to make a serious investigation and then speak again. Okay now, okay! Finally, I sincerely hope that the American people can learn from China and work together to resist the epidemic, and hope that the epidemic in each country can be alleviated quickly. The health of people around the world needs more care!

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