How to Clean Silver Candle Sticks
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How to Clean Silver Candle Sticks

Melynda Sorrels
knowledge is as follows

Silver candlesticks are an elegant accessory to your home that never goes out of style. Whether your candlesticks are used often or not at all, you may begin to notice over time that they aren't quite as shiny as they once were. Tarnish and candle wax play a role in making your candlesticks appear dull or dirty. The minimal time it takes to clean them is well worth the end result once you see the shiny results.

Things You'll Need

Soft, clean cloth

Baking soda

Aluminum foil

Step 1

Hold the candlesticks under hot running water to soften any wax that may have dropped onto them and hardened. Wipe the candlesticks with a soft clean cloth to remove the softened wax.

Step 2

Place the candlesticks into a dish and sprinkle baking soda liberally over them. Crumple a piece of aluminum foil and place it in the dish near, but not touching, the candlesticks.

Step 3

Pour boiling water over the candlesticks until they are covered, and allow the candlesticks to soak until the water is cool.

Step 4

Remove the candlesticks from the water, rinse them under warm running water. Polish the candlesticks with a soft, clean cloth to dry them and restore the shine.


If you use a commercial silver cleaner, be sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions carefully.


Do not place the candlesticks into a stainless steel dish. A reaction occurs between stainless steel and silver that can leave dark spots on the candlesticks.

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